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The Green Info Cafe

  • All our tea and coffee is organic and Fairtrade

  • Many of our herbals teas are fresh and locally sourced (either organically grown or foraged)

  • Soft drinks include locally made additive free Tinkers Bubble apple juice and local elderflower cordial

  • All our cakes are locally sourced and hand made using mainly organic and local seasonal ingredients where possible

  • We try to provide a range of gluten free, sugar free and vegan cakes too at affordable prices

  • Our hot water is heated sustainably by wood off cuts in our wood fired urns and rocket stoves. Come and see for more information. 

  • No disposables are used, we try to minimise waste, and actively recycle and compost where possible

  • The cafe is organised and run by volunteers

This year the Green Info Café is being hosted by Willis Lane Sustainability Centre of North Perrott.


The Sustainability centre is an off-grid land based project with forest garden, workshop space and shared fruit and vegetable gardens. The centre hosts events throughout the year as well as managing the Willis Lane Sustainable woodland project over the winter months. The Centre is run by volunteers, with support / donations from North Perrott Fruit Farm, Westcountry Conservatories and the Green Scythe Fair.

​We will again be hosting educational workshops and demonstrations throughout the day in our adjoining: 
Workshop Space

Please get in touch if you are keen to provide a workshop, volunteer in the cafe, bake cakes or display information:


 Top Eco Tips 

Switch your bank account to a more ethical one that doesn't invest in fossil fuels such as Triodos or the Co-operative

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