Green Kidz Area

Open between 11am–6pm

Children should be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware of congestion in our area and


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WHAT'S ON 2022
NEW FOR 2022

Hang About Ariel Workshop Circus!


“Roll up, roll up! and take your turn on Aerial Hoop or Silks! Fulfil your dreams, test your strength, and find fun in a unique mini class”

Hangabout Aerial offer a “have a go” experience of Aerial equipment to the public for participants under 14 years.


Have you ever wanted to have a go as a trapeze artist? This is your chance on a safe, low rig!


The Mighty 'Dom-Tink'

Roll-up! Roll-up! the Mighty “Dom-Tink!” - Prom-Prom’s traditional try-your-strength machine is back by popular demand…


Soaring 20 feet into the sky, use the mighty hammer of destiny and whack the nobble to ring Uncle Tacko’s bell!

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Promenade Promotions2.jpg
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NEW FOR 2022

Rattle Box Theatre

Find Rattle Box Theatre at the Saxon Tent, where Dave Oliver is waiting with a bag full of tales, all told with wonderful props and puppets


Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus!

8 highly trained fleas perform incredible feats of strength and agility in front of your very eyes – see Madam Flea-Flea soar over the heads of the audience, marvel at the might of Hercu-fleas and thrill to the daring Fleavil Kinevil as he is fired across the ring from the mouth of a huge canon! 


NB No fleas or audience members are hurt as part of this performance!

Promenade Promotions1.jpg
Promenade Promotions2.jpg

Isabella’s Bicycle Storytelling

Isabellas bike1.jpeg

Ting-a-ling-a-ling, my blossoms!

Isabella loves to share stories from her incredible bicycling adventures in the wilds of the world. When the doors of Isabella’s theatre on the back of her bicycle open wide she will whisk you away to another world. Expect magical moments, oodles of fun and a fine tale told.

Meet the remarkable children and fearless animals that Isabella has met on her travels. A girl, lost and alone in the forest with a woodpecker who refuses to help, sisters born from a magic bean who sail to the land of the trolls and a cockerel searching for the courage to become a stand up comedian.

Isabella travels to festivals, fetes and fayres to tell traditional tales with the help of Dilys, her unique story bicycle and faithful companion. The story bicycle is inspired by a Japanese picture storytelling form called kamishibai or paper story. Popular in the 1930’s when kamishibai storytellers bicycled around outside to tell their exciting tales outside.

From the oak woods of the west-country to the rainforests of Brazil, Isabella’s earthy charm will put a skip in your step and hope in your heart.

Isabellas bike 2.jpeg

Tiny Tales

Storytelling and music for Under 5's and their families. Everyone gets to accompany the story on a range of musical instruments (even the daddy!) includes informal play time with instruments following the performance/workshop.


Dragon Parade

Join the Dragon parade, be part of the dragons!

with Primrose and Misty giant puppets

dragon parade.png

Bear Cat Collective

The return of the wonderful Swap Shop and an assortment of recycled & natural crafts to have a go at.

ToySwap:  Bring along your old toys to swap! Take something you want; leave something you no longer need. If you’ve nothing to swop simply pop a contribution in the hat!


Soft Stone Carving

with Richard Langford – have a go at stone carving using tools & chalk


The Wooden Mushroom Workshop

An introduction to woodwork for all ages.


Circus Skills and Hoop Workshops

with Fuse Performance


Hay For Play

An area of mown grass left for children (& adults) to play in. Please make sure your child is monitored at all times and doesn’t stray into the Hay Rick & Scything areas!


Help Decorate the Queen of the Meadow with flowers


Willow Workshop

Make an eco-sword or head dress with the Willow Man of Kingsbury


Soft Stone Carving

with Richard Langford – have a go at stone carving using tools & chalk


Litter Twitter Duo with The Litter Twitter Bird 

New interactive eco-comedic street theatre about attitudes to the environment and plastic pollution with giant puppets.

NEW FOR 22.jpg


with Glastonbury Morris Dancers