We had a wonderful day. See here for pictures.


Saturday 8th June. The sun has come out!


Setting up (below). Thursday 6th June 2019.

setting up.jpg

NEW FOR 2019!

The introduction of pre-purchased tickets available on-line & from local outlets to help reduce the pressure on the entrance at peak times. To get your tickets now before they sell out, go to Tickets £6 per person plus £12 per fossil-fuelled vehicle. 

On Saturday 8th some of the rural craft stalls are offering short workshops. For details see Saturday Courses.

As the Green Scythe Fair continues to aim for minimal environmental impact, we are asking visitors to bring their own reusable plates, cups & cutlery to help achieve zero waste created at the event.

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GSF_marking_out (2R).jpg

Getting ready

Marking out the grass for the tractor to leave, for competitions, practice and training.

(15 May 2019)

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GSF_marking_out (5R).jpg

Green Scythe Fair 2019

Less than a month to go – the grass is getting tall!

(10 May 2019)

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