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Chairperson's Report 2014

Thorney Lakes

Around the Fair


The music was again organized and managed by Simon Squire and his team of Yeovil College students doing a sterling job. The final band Boy Le Monti played for expenses only and got everyone dancing and relaxing at the end of the day. The new acoustic stage was run by Ian & Martine Hardy who also did a fantastic job at arranging a varied, local line up.



Our debate this year, on Fracking, attracted over 100 people at its new time of 1pm. Our three speakers (John Hall, a consultant geophysicist, Jo Hawkins from Bristol University Law School, and Dave Clark from Frack Free Somerset) covered the subject from all angles. A lively discussion followed, and the general conclusion was that exploring for more fossil fuels, especially such risky ones, was not the answer.  Instead, we need to be tackling the overriding challenge of climate change with positive solutions, not more damaging versions of the same.    


Geof and Zoe once again ran an excellent bar and organized a 2nd bar near the acoustic stage (run by Hannah Legg and Rob Moore). Both bars were very busy, selling 26 barrels of Glastonbury Ales, and local cider including our own ‘Scyther’s Delight’. We continue to make cider with the help of Transition Langport, picking the apples at Merricks Organic Farm and pressing at Tom Dunbars. 

Children’s Area

The Green Kidz area had its own marquee for shows & stories, a variety of kids workshops and walk about characters. Nick Mercer came with a variety of pedal powered childrens’ activities, Martin Maudsely told Tall Tales, and Environmental Police (John Lee & Sally) were out and about. We welcomed back compere Steve Apelt with childrens games and Rattlebox Theatre with fantastic puppets. The area was enhanced once again by colorful trays of flowers saved from the skip of a local nursery. The ‘Hay for Play’ area worked well again with the beautiful ‘Hay Lady’, created by Serena de la Hey out of willow and decorated with hay and flowers with the help of the public. Children and families loved relaxing and playing in the newly mown hay all day long.

Green Crafts

The Green Craft Area was really humming with activity with over 20 displays of traditional building crafts celebrating the rich natural resources of Somerset and the skills which link us to our environment and each other. The amazing pentatonic xylophones and the beautifully decorated acoustic stage and thatched bar enriched the wonderful atmosphere.


Green Info Café  

As ever, the Green Info Café was busy all day selling delicious local and organic cakes and organic fair trade tea and coffee. Workshops were held throughout the day in the Info area covering home energy improvements, reducing energy consumption and climate change.

10th West Country Scythe Championship

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the Scythe Competition overall champion was a draw between existing champion, George Montague, and past champion, Simon Daimant. The Women’s Cup was won once again by Andi Richard. The training courses in the previous days were successful although the quality of the grass was poor after the winter’s rains.

Hannah Aitken
Chair & Children Area organiser
November 2014

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