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Community Tent

The Community Tent is a hub of dynamic local projects and organisations which explore, create and celebrate community from green, grass-roots principals. Providing a sample of the web of eco-minded change makers who are at our doorstep. 

Throughout the day there will be a series of interactive events and workshops taking place within the Community Tent (Timings to come):

  • FLAME will be hosting a Morris Dancing Workshop.

  • There will be scheduled spaces to discover more about the Landworkers Alliance with LWA South West and FLAME, plus an opportunity to meet other members.

  • And LWA South West will also be holding a Folk song/singing workshop.

  • The Repair Cafes will be repairing and holding a raffle for some fixed goods!

  • Artist Jane Mowat will be hosting an interactive workshop ‘A Tree of Leaves and Flowers’ throughout the day with Somerset Art Works.

  • And Herbal Brue will be inviting you to come and play with plants, creating herbal magic!


The Land Workers Alliance

The Landworkers' Alliance are a UK-based union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers founded in 2015 who work together to campaign for better food and land-use systems.

The South West , FLAME and Forestry sectors will be representing the LWA over the event and displaying what they get up to!


Somerset Food Trail

The Somerset Food Trail is a 10-day farm-to-fork festival shining a spotlight on locally produced, sustainable food. It's the first of its kind – a countywide event focused specifically on our more nature-friendly farmers and artisan producers – the local food heroes who are leading the transition to a new agroecological era of food and farming to cut emissions, restore wildlife and produce better, more nutritious and delicious food.

Somerset Food Trail.png

Bridies Farm

A newly forming community farm with plans to regenerate a 20 acre field into mixed use agriculture and horticulture. Utilising various methods of natural agriculture, no dig gardens, permaculture etc. Building low-impact educational spaces with the community and offering a range of educational courses and experiential learning activities as the project grows.

bridies farm.png

Herbal Brue

Love Community Healing. A new project based between Street and Glastonbury with the aim to set up a no to low cost herbal clinic. Currently holding Community Medicine Making Days, where attendees forage and create remedies for the herbal medicine cabinet. The aim is to be a sustainable project promoting solidarity not charity.

herbal brue.png

Somerset Art Works

An artist-led organisation and Somerset's only countywide agency dedicated to developing the visual arts. Artist Jane Mowat will be hosting an interactive art installation throughout the day!


Plotgate Community Farm

Plotgate CSA  is an exciting example of what a healthier food system can look like when communities come together to take back control of their food system. 

Supplying veg to local people through their box scheme and volunteering exchanges the farm also hosts a series of educational and celebratory community events. 


Tinkers Bubble

An off-grid woodland community in Somerset formed in 1994, using environmentally sound methods of working the land without using fossil fuels. Living in self-built houses on the condition to make a living from the land, monetary incomes are made mainly through forestry, apple work and gardening. Residents will be sharing insights into how it all works and selling the fruits and crafts of their labours.

tinkers bubble.png

The Ecological Land Cooperative

On a mission to provide affordable opportunities for ecological land-based livelihoods in the UK for a living, working countryside. The ELC works cooperatively to create new agro-ecological farms which provide local produce to communities. Supporting stewards to access land and create rural Economy in a low-impact way.

eco land project.jpg

Fabric of Life

A New and exciting textiles recycling project based in Glastonbury. Empowering people to mend, share and recycle their clothes, building community and skills through workshops, shared spaces and cooperation.


5 Mile Food and Farming Glastonbury 

A new five-mile eco food growing project aiming to future proof local food security and protect the wildlife of Glastonbury. This ground-breaking initiative to bring healthier food and nature-friendly farming to Somerset, was launched in Glastonbury Town Hall on 19th March, at a People’s Assembly.

5 mile.png

Honey Pot Farm

Sustainable, local  and Ecological-friendly Producers of Apple Juice, Cider Vinegar, Honey, Cordials, Sauces, Chutney, Eggs, Lamb and Seasonal Vegetables!


The Repair Cafe

This year The repair cafes of Langport, Glastonbury and Compton Dundon will be sharing what they do locally, as part of a worldwide initiative which provides spaces for people to gather and work on repairing objects of everyday life such as electronics, mechanical devices, computers, bicycles and clothing.


Information on the Collaborative Workshop for Appropriate Technology 

A call out to designers, inventors, makers and creators of human and animal powered technology to come together to share, test, develop, research, showcase and co-create. 

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