After a fantastic Fair in 2019 we are in the lucky position to offer a limited number of small grants to local charities, community groups or like-minded businesses that share the same ethos as the Green Scythe Fair in seeking to make the world a more ethical and sustainable place.


If you have an initiative that fits our funding criteria, please send us an application, setting out your proposal, why it merits our support and what difference that support will make, with a deadline of 31st December.  


Please see the link below for the funding criteria and application process.  Or please contact if you wish to seek more clarification. Please put 'GSF Grant'  in the subject line.

3rd April 2018

Green Scythe Fair donates to local green causes

After a successful 2017, the Green Scythe Fair (1) is pleased to announce that it has made significant donations to eight local projects that reflect its green ethos.  These are:

• Langport Town Council for solar lights on Monet’s Bridge in Langport (2)

• The Duchess of Cocklemoor, to replace her diesel engine with electric (3)

• Kingsbury Episcopi Primary School, to start a new Wildlife Club (4)

• Purple Field Productions, to support their educational film work in Africa (5)

• Sustainable Chard’s Earth Hour Event

• Stoke St Gregory Allotment Association, towards planting hedges and a community orchard

• Feed Avalon, to support their Soil Hack event (

• Central Somerset Outdoor Learning Partnership, to run a Forest School for children and their families who have little experience of the natural world


  1. The Green Scythe Fair is held at Thorney Lakes, Muchelney, TA10 0DW on Sunday 10th June, open 11am to 11pm. For more information, see, for camping, see  Or please contact: 

    • Peter Lansdown, publicity, on 01460 53228 
    • Francis Blake, chair, on 07973 955429.

  2. David Mears, Town Clerk, Langport Town Council, said 'The Town Council is thrilled to receive funding from the Green Scythe Fair for solar lighting on ‘Monet’s' bridge – the little wooden bridge that links Stacey’s Court and the Ridgway Hall with Cocklemoor.  It is a dark little area from dusk onwards, and unwelcoming to walkers and those using Cocklemoor footpaths to avoid walking along the main road.  And the bollards at either end of the bridge have proved painful obstacles!  Thank you GSF on behalf of Langport residents, visitors and the Town Council – your contribution will make a difference to us all.'

  3. Ian Macnab, founder of the Friends of the Duchess of Cocklemoor, said 'We are delighted that you have chosen to support the Duchess of Cocklemoor. Over the years I have felt part of your wonderful event with my Agricultural salvage shop. The Duchess has good Friends, it is Great to now have you as Friends too. Your gift is more than money, Thank you.

    We are looking forward to transporting people to and from Langport this year, Ivan Steel and I are working on this plan, Horses and carriage to Middleney and the Duchess to Langport. Long live the Great Green Scythe Fair and the Duchess of Cocklemoor!”

  4. Kate Merry, Wildlife Club leader (& parent), Kingsbury Episcopi Primary School, said 'We are really excited to have received this grant to inspire some young naturalists at Kingsbury Episcopi Primary School. We will be purchasing a range of equipment for our new Wildlife Club so that the children can discover the plants and animals sharing their school grounds.'

  5. Rob Rainbow of Purple Field Productions (PFP), said 'The Green Scythe Fair grant will enable PFP to extend its the distribution of the film "Cassava is a Winner", made by jointly by PFP and its Sierra Leone protégées, the Future View Film Group (FVFG). PFP has spent several years supporting and training a group of would–be film makers right through the Ebola outbreak. The cassava film is their first major documentary and has already received excellent feedback from local farmers and the country's Agricultural Ministry. The film shows how simple, environmentally-friendly new farming techniques can increase crop yields and protect the fragile soils. PFP has also provided FVFG with one of its unique backpack, solar-powered cinema kits so the film can be taken to remote areas where electricity is either unreliable or non-existent.'

  6. The Green Scythe Fair debate this year is aptly on 'Post-Brexit Agriculture’ with fine speakers Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for the South West, James Small, NFU SW Regional Chair, and Rebecca Laughton of the Landworkers Alliance.

  7. The Green Scythe Fair experience should start with your journey to get there: It is a ‘Green’ Fair and visitors are asked to minimise their carbon footprint.  Most of the day's carbon emissions come from visitors’ cars.  Entry charges remain £5 per fossil-fuelled vehicle plus £5 per person.  The message is, if you can, please lift-share or come by foot, bicycle, or boat.  During April the committee will be exploring the River Parrett and information will go up on the Green Fair website to suggest how this might be used.  Of course if you have your own canoe… 


• For ramblers and cyclists information, contacts and routes are already on  

• For lift-share, use the link

• There is an electric car charger available at Thorney Lakes Campsite