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Getting There

At the Green Scythe Fair, we’ve always tried to be as environmentally friendly as we can. We use horse power to help us set up, our music marquee is powered by solar panels, our toilets are compost loos, we provide recycling bins, use wood-fired rocket stoves to heat our water, and we have a strict ethical policy for our stallholders.


But the largest environmental impact arises from the number of visitors’ cars driving to the fair, so we are always looking for alternatives. We encourage car sharing – see below for options. 


Many people cycle and we offer free bike MOTs as an incentive. 


Why not make a day of it and walk? The site is well connected to local trails and footpaths that go through the beautiful Levels countryside.

This year, we are laying on three bus routes to and from the Fair at subsidised prices.  See below for more details


Our good friends at the Duchess of Cocklemoor and Steel Suffolks provide transport from Langport by boat and horse-drawn carriage – booking early strongly advised – see below for details

Please remember that this year, we are ONLY selling tickets in advance, both on-line and in local shops.  So please book early.

NB there is no public access to the GSF event field on Saturday and public access will be limited on Sunday from early eve to enable stall holders to pack down and leave site safely.


River Parrett and its Trail crosses the road a couple of hundred yards south of Thorney Lakes making it a brilliant walk either south from Langport or north from Kingsbury Episcopi. Curry Rival is 5 miles away to the West and the route is mostly via footpaths while Long Load to the East is only 3 miles distant but the way is mostly by road albeit minor.  

See descriptions of the walking routes:


Come to the Fair by bike, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy a free bike MOT (first come first serve as space are limited).

Need help planning your cycle route?

shows cycle routes and contours

Google's routefinder has a cycling option

National Cycle Network map

Come by bus
Come by Bus!

This year, we are laying on three bus routes to and from the Fair at subsidised prices.  We want to provide more environmentally friendly access from the main centres of population around the Fair, and therefore to encourage reduced car use, which is by far and away the main source of carbon emissions associated with the Fair. 


Please purchase your bus tickets here for the out and return journeys you want, making sure you also obtain tickets (and therefore seats) for your children too (which are free).   

See here for the timetable 

Come by Boat!

Booking Essential

Travel in style to the Green Scythe Fair on the lovingly restored Duchess of Cocklemoor and then onwards by Steel Suffolks horse drawn carriage. 

Skipper Ian Macnab will guide you along the scenic River Parrett from Langport to Midelney where horse drawn transport awaits to complete the journey across fields to the Fair. 

Departs from the quay at Cocklemoor, Langport (car park end) at 10am, 11.30am and 1pm 

Departs from the Fair at 3pm, 4.30pm and 6pm

Tickets for adults and children £25 return

(including return boat/carriage and entry to the Fair)

NB All children require paid tickets.  

Book early - only 12 tickets available per sailing. 

Tickets available only from the ticketing site:

Come by Boat
Car Share
Car Share

Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with car sharing and other conversations:

If it’s not possible to walk or cycle to the Fair, then try car sharing and share the costs between you. Car sharing is a growing, grassroots movement.

Find out how you can car share at:

Other useful links:

Electric Car Charger
Zero Carbon World electric car charger available at Thorney Lakes Campsite

Car Charging Station - run your car on solar power at the Green Scythe Fair. A few years ago Thorney Lakes installed an electric car charging station donated by the environmental charity Zero Carbon World. This Type 2 Mennekes socket charging station can charge all electric cars with their type 2 charging cable and with no membership required, it is easy for campsite users to charge their electric cars while they stay. Thorney Lakes have solar panels generating electricity from daylight so your car is running on sunshine.

For Green Scythe Fair electric car driving visitors, you can charge your car for a pre booked 2 hour slot while at the event. Booking is essential on a first come first serve basis by calling Thorney Lakes 01458 250811. 

(Thorney Lakes and the Green Scythe Fair organisers are not responsible for your car while at the venue. Further charging stations are also at Langport main car park and Somerton main car park).

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