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The Green Scythe Fair site in November 2016 with the first floods of winter

Setting up June 2016

The tents and compost loos are going up and we have our trusted 4 legged friends and their new cart from Tinkers Bubble helping to move things in to set up this year as well as an electric van charged via the sun to reduce our carbon foot print.... so make sure you come on Sunday via your 2 legs (on bike or hike) or fill a vehicle to keep the CO2 of the event low! (10th June 2016)

Recent photographs of the site (May 2016)

Getting the Wagon ready for this year's Fair (2016)

Donations (2014)

At the AGM of The Community Green Fair (the official name of the the Green Scythe Fair) held on 23rd October 2014, the Treasurer announced a sufficient surplus and it was agreed that donations be made to four local good causes that shared the same ethos of environmental sustainability. These were:   

  • Transition Langport: £200 to buy eco reusable shopping bags for their Elderflowers Food Coop 

  • Willis Lane Sustainability Centre: £600 for a tarpaulin cover for their polytunnel meeting space used for courses, education and workshops  Visit their website

  • Frack Free Somerset: £200  Visit their website

  • Purple Field Productions: £500 for their education films and peddle-powered cinemas working with communities in remote places world wide (current priority Sierra Leone and Ebola)  Visit their website

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