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Workshop Tent

12 midday–2.50pm

Mike Buchan – 12 Volt DIY off-grid electricity

Low voltage solar systems for beginners


Alex Toogood – Tinkers Bubble sustainable off-grid community

Planning history and current situation, an overview of what we do and why we do it, also exploring community decision making dynamics, followed by Q and A. 


Tinkers Bubble is an off-grid low-impact land working community in South Somerset, where the hay is still cut with scythes. Alex will reflect on life there, and the recent granting of permanent planning permission after almost 30 years of temporary permissions.


Jonathan Morris – Christian Climate Action

A chance for anyone to come along and find out a bit about CCA. We are a community of Christians supporting each other to take meaningful action. We carry out acts of public witness, nonviolent protest and civil disobedience to urge those in power to make the changes needed.


Chris Maunder – Participatory Democracy and Peoples Assemblies

An overview of the history and uses of participatory democracy, decision making at the community level, and its potential for empowering the commoner over and above powerful landowners, traders and central authorities.

The Workshop Tent will again be hosted by our XR friends.

Just rock up for the workshops of your choice:

NB The Workshop Tent will also be busy on the Saturday, where Chris Maunder and Friends will be running a series of workshops on Self Organisation Around the Climate Crisis.  Please see the Saturday Courses for more information and our Ticketing site to purchase tickets.


 Top Eco Tips 

Use a timer switch to turn off appliances at the wall so don't leave things on standby at night

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