Workshop Tent

Please find below details of workshops for 2019

12–12.45pm – About Extinction Rebellion. ​Hosted by Extinction Rebellion South Somerset

Learn about the Extinction Rebellion movement, from members of the local group. An informal chat through the principles and values of Extinction Rebellion, it's structure, demands and strategy, and how you too can get involved.

1–1.45pm – Climate Science: Your Questions Answered. ​Hosted by Deborah Pick

Deb has a Geo Science degree in Earth systems, and focused on Abrupt Climate Change in her final paper. She will be talking about the scientific facts of climate change and the climate crisis, and will be happy to answer your questions on this most vital of topics.

2–2.45pm – 12volt DIY Electricity: How To. ​Hosted by Mike Buchanan

Mike has been building simple DIY 12v systems for several decades, his council house is 95% off grid using solar technology. He will share his skills and knowledge, for beginners or those with more experience, with simple practical displays of low tech DIY energy solutions.

3.30–4.15pm – An Introduction. ​Hosted by Indra Donafrancesco

Indra will take us through the in's and out's of non violent direct action and civil disobedience, including a few practical exercises. If your interested in taking part in or supporting local or national Extinction Rebellion actions, this short introduction to the subject will be invaluable.

4.30–5.15pm – Citizens Assemblies: Solving The Climate Crisis. ​Hosted by Christopher Maunder

Chris has been working with the Extinction Rebellion National Citizens Assembly Team. He will be able to answer all your questions about Citizens Assembly structure and operation, and why they are a vital tool for initiating the change needed to address this climate and ecological emergency.

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