Community Tent

New for 2022 is our new Community Tent, located in the East Field towards the top of the ring of stalls around the Acoustic Stage near the Gate 1 entrance. It is actually labelled LWA Tent in the site plan, because our friends at the Land Workers Alliance were going to be running it, but sadly had to pull out quite late in the day. Instead we are delighted that the Community Tent will be filled with a great mix of local green initiatives and local food producers – part local green projects and part local farmers market!  

NEW FOR 2022

Herbal Brue

Love Community Healing. A new project based between Street and Glastonbury with the aim to set up a no to low cost herbal clinic. Currently holding Community Medicine Making Days, where attendees forage and create remedies for the herbal medicine cabinet. The aim is to be a sustainable project promoting solidarity not charity.

Tinkers Bubble

 A small off-grid woodland community in Somerset using environmentally sound methods of working the land without using fossil fuels. Living in self-built houses on the condition to make a living from the land, monetary incomes are made mainly through forestry, apple work and gardening. Residents will be sharing insights into how it all works and selling the fruits and crafts of their days.

Feed Avalon

Working for a just food system in Street, Glastonbury and the surrounding area. Feed Avalon hold workshops teaching food resilience through cooking and food growing, organise and co-host the Glastonbury Seed Swap and have created an oasis of a Community Garden at The Red Brick Building.

Langport Repair Cafe

The new Langport Repair Cafe is coming to the Green Scythe Fair! If you have something that doesn't work anymore, like a garden tool, a radio, a torn item of clothing, in fact anything ready to be thrown away, let us look at it first and hopefully send you it home with you with a new lease of life.  

Hinton Harvest 

A small agroforestry farm selling delicious salad and slow grown free range poultry. Sharing information about how they combine these crops and the benefits of tree cover/wild farming for biodiversity, wildlife and still make a viable profit.

John Atack

Providing an abundance of knowledge and experience in setting up vermi-composting systems. Plus selling beautiful garden tools, accessories, and obviously vermicompost products!

Honey Pot Farm

Sustainable, local  and Ecological-friendly Producers of Apple Juice, Cider Vinegar, Honey, Cordials, Sauces, Chutney, Eggs, Lamb and Seasonal Vegetables

Somerset Local Food

Will be telling the stories of some of  the great Somerset food growers and makers whose produce they deliver to customers every week. There may even be some samples…. 

ACE Arts

AceArts will be bringing ‘Flock Together‘ a community sewing project for 2022. “Flock together is our new embroidery project which uses stitch to unite participants in a shared language of making.” Come and find out how you can get involved. For more info see

Transition Town Wellington

Will be bringing free wildlife and foraging maps, gardening for wildlife booklet and a foraging booklet with recipes. You can also find out all about Fox's Field where the group has begun a new forest garden, and talk to them about plans for Wellington's new 'green corridor'. There will also be information about the group and sign-up sheets for folks that are interested in joining any activities and/or want to be kept in the loop.