Green Kidz Area

Open between 11am–6pm

Children should be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware of congestion in our area


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WHAT'S ON 2019

As well as our ever popular activities for children and families: stone carving, woodwork,  storytelling, eco-facepainting, henna tattoos and Bear Cat collective Swap Shop, we have new this year:  a Robin Hood Puppet show, a Flea Circus, a Dragon Parade and Children's Yoga, Nature Connection Yurt and Upcycling crafty workshops.  


We have replaced our Raffle with a new Environmental  Solutions  Quiz! 

There are fantastic prizes to be won including an Austrian Scythe! Only £1 to enter! Questions will  focus on: Protect our species, My Carbon Footprint, Plastic Pollution in the Ocean. Find the hidden answers by searching around the Green Scythe Site and come up with Your Own Ideas on how to help save the planet from destruction we are causing.



Eco Briks at the Green Scythe Fair

We are delighted that High Ham Eco warriors are coming to the Green Kidz area this year. This group of highly motivated children from High Ham primary school will be displaying information about the recycling projects they are running in school, from batteries and toothpaste tubes  to crisp packets, Pringles tubes, shampoo bottles and tetra pak.  They will also be running an ‘Ecobrick' workshop.

Ecobriking is a new worldwide movement designed to take non recyclable plastic out of the environment, plastic that is at best going to landfill and at worst is at risk of ending up in the oceans. 

Dry plastic is stuffed into plastic drinks bottles so tightly they become rigid hard building blocks . These can then be used for community projects, covered with cob material to seal the ecobriks and keep them out of the sun. The High Ham group are aiming to make a bench in their school grounds. 

While not seen as an alternative to recycling or cutting down on single use plastic, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have turned to ecobricks as a way to take personal responsibility for the plastic coming into their homes. It is amazing how much of the contents of your landfill dustbin is plastic!

These plucky a children will show you how to do it at their stall  and at 2.30pm Tom White  will be giving a talk all about it. 

More info about Ecobriks check out:


Rattlebox Theatre


Rattlebox Theatre brings their new puppet show  ROBIN HOOD.

Rattlebox Theatre's puppets always cause a stir wherever they turn up - at fairs, castles, theme parks, historical events or even the Green Scythe Fair!

Beautifully crafted and skilfully operated, they create a little magic and a lot of laughter wherever they appear.

Rattlebox 2.jpg

Dragon Parade

Join in the Dragon Parade and listen to stories of Somerset Dragons

Dragon parade.jpg

Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus!

8 highly trained fleas perform incredible feats of strength and agility in front of your very eyes – see Madam Flea-Flea soar over the heads of the audience, marvel at the might of Hercu-fleas and thrill to the daring Fleavil Kinevil as he is fired across the ring from the mouth of a huge canon!


NB No fleas or audience members are hurt as part of this performance!

Promenade Promotions1.jpg
Promenade Promotions2.jpg


Travelling Storyteller, Folk Singer and Lady Explorer


Storytelling from the natural world with a session on the trees and one on animals. Pick from the Crane skin bag of Ogham Wands, feathers and bones and Emma will spin her yarn from what ever gets pulled out!

Magical Musical Bike – Steve Apelt 

Warm up, join in & have fun with  fantastic tunes, silly games, talent contests


Children Yoga Workshop

Rainbow kids yoga taster sessions for 3-6 year olds

Eco Bricking

Find out all about it and how to do it.  Recycle your plastic and save it from polluting the ocean!


An Ecobrick is a reusable building block created by packing clean and dry used plastic into a plastic bottle to a set density.  Ecobricks enable us to take personal responsibility for our plastic.

The ReUsery

Promoting sustainable development through  Reduce/Reuse/Repair/Upcycle/Recycle initiatives.  Drop-in sessions for adults and children making woven sponges from old textiles, and brooches  or magnets from old drink cans

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Circus Skills and Hoop Workshops

with Fuse Performance

Visit the Nature Connection Yurt!

Tie-Dye ‘Make & Take’ crafts -Bear Cat Collective

Up-cycle old clothes and sheets, experiment with tie-dye colours and patterns

Swap Shop & ToySwap – Bring along your old toys to swap!

Take something you want, leave something you no longer need. If you’ve nothing to swop simply pop a contribution in the hat!

Soft Stone Carving

with Richard Langford,  using tools & chalk

Face Painting

with Zosia Durnat

Henna Tattoos

by Devi Patel

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Serena De La Hey

With a focus on endangered insects Serena will be crafting a selection of min-beasts for you to decorate with flowers and hay!

Hay For Play

An area of mown grass left for children (& adults) to play in. Please make sure your child is monitored at all times and doesn’t stray into the Hay Rick & Scything areas! 

Willow Workshop

Make an eco-sword or head dress with the Willow Man of Kingsbury


Glastonbury Morris Dancers


Tim Hill and the Little Street Band playing some Outdoor Noises

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