2019 Debate
Surviving extinction – 11 years to stop runaway climate change?
(2pm Main Tent)

Having recorded record highs for the Australian summer, and for this February in the UK, and with the Extinction Rebellion gathering welcome pace, we decided that the theme this year had to explore climate change and the existential threat it poses for we humans and the world we inhabit, and how we can tackle it.  

Of course it is massively multi-faceted issue, stretching from international wrangling (especially global north/south) and political inertia to commercial myopia and individual inaction, and all getting mixed up with the pressures associated with land, water and resource degradation, and finally being obfuscated by fake news, denial and fundamentalism.   … which makes finding impactful solutions and stimulating the necessary urgent action that much more difficult and controversial. 

Our three speakers each bring a wealth of experience both of the issues and of tackling those issues:

- Tessa Munt, prospective Liberal Democrat candidate for Wells, on pushing for better politics;

- Robin Maynard, director of Population Matters, on population pressures and how to address them;

- with Zoe Young, researcher, author and artist, on stimulating a compassionate revolution. 


Come and join us at 2pm in the Main Tent, to hear our excellent speakers and then to join in this crucial debate.

2016 Debate – FLOODING

Edited presentations from local landowner Julian Temperly, campaigner George Monbiot

and local Green MEP Molly Scott Cato. Chaired by Francis (Herbi) Blake.

Filmed at the Green Scythe Fair, Somerset, 12th June 2016 by Frances Aitken