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The Green Scythe Fair Debate 2016

This year’s debate is ‘Flooding – What is the Future?’

This year’s debate is about as locally relevant, and controversial, as any subject we have ever had at the Green Scythe Fair. With our site at Thorney Lakes being under water for six weeks back in the 2014 floods, what really does the future hold for the Somerset Levels and elsewhere, with ever more extremes of weather, diminishing resources to combat flooding and continuing pressure on land use?

There are strong and often conflicting views about how to prevent and manage flooding, and this years debate will be an opportunity explore and discuss these - and about as on-site as one could possibly be!

But of course despite the local relevance, the causes of flooding are more global and political than local, and our three high class speakers are more than qualified to address the broader issues too. But hopefully, they will also focus on local and practical aspects, including community actions and personal responsibilities.

Our three brilliant speakers are:

Julian Temperley, local farmer and founder of the Somerset Royal Cider Brandy Company, will give a local farmer’s-eye view, what needs to be done and why.

George Monbiot, well known environmental journalist, will look at the political and practical causes of flooding and how to address these.

Molly Scott Cato, Green MEP for SW England and Gibraltar, will address the more global causes of flooding and, with little sign that we are seriously tackling climate change, are there ways we can live with flooding and maybe even benefit from it?

Then we will open up to the audience to join the debate, give their views and question the speakers … and each other!

Join us at 1pm in the main marquee for what promises to be a stimulating and lively debate!
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